Complete Guideline to Different Types of Gold Teeth

Gold is among the world’s most precious metals. In dentistry, gold teeth can refer to either a complete set of false teeth or a set of false teeth with a gold crown. This metal is used in various dental applications, such as gold grills, crowns, fillings, and even implants. Let’s take some more time to explore these fascinating aspects

Gold Grillz

Grillz are also known as ‘girls’ or ‘fronts.’ It’s a decorative cover that snaps over one or more teeth. It can be encrusted with valuable metals and jewels and is generally removable. But people now like to wear permanent grillz.

Many shops and experts are offering permanent grillz-making service. Usually, people with a big social media presence are now willing to get their teeth permanently decorated with permanent grillz

Gold Tooth Filling

This is an uncommon option nowadays. However, it still can be done in modern dentistry. Usually, when your tooth has some holes caused by germs you need to fill them. People usually fill them with dental clay or some special kind of medical substance.

But nowadays people are doing their filling with gold. Fillings are done in places that aren’t usually visible when you smile. Some people still choose it as a personal preference. 

Gold Tooth Crown

Tooth crowns are also known as tooth caps. It’s a custom-fitted covering that replaces the natural crown of your teeth. However, a gold crown is a permanent thing. People who have damaged teeth need caps on their teeth.

These are made with noncostly and durable materials. But nowadays the purchasing power of people is increasing. So they are willing to pay some extra bucks to make their tooth cap from gold. Because a gold toothcap will help them to catch up with the trend. 

Gold Tooth Implant

Implanted gold teeth are not 100% gold because gold cannot completely replace the tooth as it is softer than the tooth. So an implanted gold tooth consists of 20-70% gold alloy, and the crown is the only golden part.

Metals like Zinc, Copper, Platinum, or Silver usually are mixed with gold to implant the alloy. The implant replaces the root of the tooth with a metal screw, and a socket gets put into the jawbone so that it can hold it in place.


Money can buy most of the things in the world. Following normal style and trends won’t help you to stand out in the crowd because of a lot of competition.

So if you want to stand out from the rest of the style freek people you can wear gold teeth in your mouth. It will give your smile a different look to become the center of any gathering. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Deep-Cut Grillz?

The gold is cut in a way that shows off each tooth. This is also called “perm cut grillz.” It’s a permanent style that makes the Grillz look more like they were made by nature.

But suppose someone wants something other than the classic gold look. In that case, they can also put diamonds or other valuable stones on their solid grill.

What Is Open-Face Grillz?

In an open-face grillz, the metal only covers the edges of the teeth and not the whole thing. It can make your smile shine a little brighter. Depending on what the person wants, it can be done on just one tooth or on all of them.

What Is A Diamond Cut Grillz?

Diamond cut Grillz are covers for the teeth made of diamond and can be taken off and put back on. Diamonds make your teeth shine beautifully. Usually, people who want to show off their social status and wealth wear these types of grillz.

Because they can cost you a hefty amount of money. Usually, very rich and high-profile celebrities wear these types of grillz to make their presence and style sense different and unique from others.  

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