Fake Grillz Vs Real Grillz: What Are They & Difference

Fake Grillz Vs Real Grillz: Every precious thing has its affordable copy, and grillz are no different. There are tons of quality types of grillz available in the market. They are mostly costly, and some have an unimaginable price tag. To overcome the pricing issue, people are fulfilling their desire by using fake grillz.

I will clarify this in this article if you don’t know about fake grillz. So stick to us to compare real grillz and fake grillz. 

What Is Real Grillz?

Grillz manufacturers make real grillz with precious metals like gold and silver. Often people use valuable gemstones and diamonds to decorate their grillz. This real grillz is custom-made and specially made for its owner’s teeth.

Real grillz can be permanent or removable. Custom grillz are more likely to fit properly on your teeth. They design these grillz with mouth-friendly material.

As a result, it won’t hurt your teeth or overall oral health. Real grillz stay shiny for a long time and have a hefty resale value. In short, grillz that are custom-made especially for someone according to his dental appearance are the real grillz. 

What Is Fake Grillz?

If you think that fake grillz are the grillz with cheap metals that look like gold or silver, I suppose you might be wrong. In the grillz sector, grillz that don’t have customization is the fake grillz. These are usually the ones that one size fits everyone.

There are two types of fake grillz, one that’s the composition of precious metals and the other made with cheap materials. They almost fit everyone. You will find these grillz usually on Amazon or in online shops. The price of them is comparatively low. 

Benefits Of Wearing Fake Grillz 

Fake grillz are cheap and removable. It can fulfill your desire to wear a grillz with little money. You don’t have to take the hassle of customization. You can choose and order grillz without worrying about fitting. 

Risk Of Wearing Fake Grillz 

Some grillz producers make the fake grillz to fit everyone. So you can wear it, but it won’t fit properly as a custom grillz. As a result, there is a change in dental injuries. They often make these grillz with cheap materialAnd these materials can do serious damage to your oral health. 

             Real Grillz           Fake Grillz
Real grillz are usually made of oral health-friendly metals.Fake grillz are free size so one size will fit everyone.
Real grillz are made with precious metals like gold silver. Fake Grillz are made with gold or silver but the quality of the metals are pretty low and sometimes it’s made with other non expensive metals.
People decorate real grillz with diamonds and precious stones. Most of the time fake grillz are decorated with fake diamonds and crystals. 
You need to go through a moulding process if you want to make a real grillz. Fake grillz will svae you from the hassle of the moulding process.
Most of the time fake grillz are made with materials that aren’t oral-friendly.Fake grillz lose its shine after a few months of use,
Real grillz fit properly and do not cause any gum or teeth issues.Fake grillz have a tend to not fit properly as a result it often causes gum and teeth issues.
Real grillz stay shiny for a long period of time.You will find these types of grillz mostly in online platforms like Amazon. 
Real grillz has a higher resale value because of its precious metals and stones. Most of the fake grillz dont have that much resale value.
You will find real grillz in jewelry shops or in shops that are specially working to make custom grillz. You will find these types of grillz mostly on online platforms like Amazon. 


There are some pros and cons of fake grillz. But if you think about your oral health, I strongly suggest real grillz. You need to avoid fake grillz if you want to wear grillz for a long period. 

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