Gold Teeth Worth: What Factors Affect Their Value?

Gold teeth are becoming a famous fashion symbol. Celebrities are considering gold teeth as their unique fashion style. So people are going crazy wearing gold teeth. But a common question people ask before buying gold teeth is how much gold teeth are worth. Many things will affect the price of a gold tooth. So in this article, you will find out how much gold teeth are worth and whether or not they are a good investment.

The Purity Of The Gold

It is one of the significant factors that affect the price of gold teeth. Usually, purity is measured by a scale called karat. A higher rating on the karat scale means more purity. To better understand the karats of gold, take a look at the chart. 

Number of KaratsFraction of Gold% of Gold PurityMillesimal finenessPrice per gram 

Just select the karat and how much volume you need to build your tooth after that to calculate the price. Thus you will have how much a gold tooth is worth. 

High Demand 

High demand can also affect the price of gold teeth. Usually, Gold teeth are considered a luxury item. These teeth are often worn as a status symbol. This means they are more valuable in areas where luxury items are in high demand.


As you all know, The weight of the gold used in making the tooth is a major factor that influences the value of gold teeth. Keep in mind that most of the time, gold teeth are not solid gold. Instead, people make this by taking a mold of the teeth and then coating the mold in gold. So it takes less gold to cover the mold. And the thickness of the gold used to cover the mold can affect the price of gold teeth. 

Resale Value 

Keep in mind if you are going to sell gold teeth, you are technically selling scrap metals. So you will find a small number of impurities depending on the karat and it can affect the price. Selling gold teeth is not as easy as selling jewelry, so you need to think twice before investing in gold teeth. 


The gold tooth is a customizable piece of jewelry. So its value will depend on the voice of its user. So it’s impossible to determine the exact value of gold teeth. But if you want to know the worth of any gold teeth, take that to a professional craftsman. A professional craftsman can tell you the exact value of a gold tooth. 

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