How Much Does Diamond Grillz Cost?

Grillz are a popular piece of jewellery, and their market is growing because celebrities are singing and acting about them. If you’re interested in them and want to put crystals on your grillz as celebrities do, the first thing that will come to mind is, “How much do diamond grillz cost?”

The exact price is hard to say because it depends on many things, such as labour (setting the diamond), the gold’s cost, the diamond’s clarity, and the number of teeth. But if you want an idea of “how much diamond grillz cost,” we can give you a clear picture. So let’s talk about the things that change how much a diamond grillz costs.

Diamond installation cost

You will need a skilled craftsman if you want to put diamonds or other gems on your grill. The gold or silver grillz must be drilled with small holes by a craftsperson. You will need glue and a good set of tweezers to put the diamonds where you want them.

Craftspeople usually put the diamonds in and gently press down on them to make sure the glue is set. This process is complex and takes a long time. So you will have to pay for the skilled craftsman’s hard work and time. This cost will be added to the price of your diamond grillz. Prices for craftspeople vary from country to country, but the average cost of jewellery is.

Gold or other metal costs

You can’t use diamonds to make a grill. You have to make a grillz out of gold or whatever metal you like. Then you can add a diamond. So the price depends on what kind of metal you want. Most of the time, people pick gold or silver.

If you pick gold, the price will depend on how many carats it has. Gold that is 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k can be used to make grillz. On the market, you can even buy 24k grillz. But most people use 10, 14, or 18-karat gold. How much do they cost? Is

Per Gram
10K– $22.86
14K– $31.68
18K– $41.11

You have to consider the cost of making the grillz also.

Diamond cost

Lastly, you have to consider the diamond cost. It is the main factor affecting the price of the diamond grillz. There are a few things which determine the diamond price, and they are


The higher the carat, the more costly the diamond will be. And if the diamond is precisely cut, then its price will go up. And one of the significant factors that affect the diamond price is its clarity. Some diamonds are also valued very highly for their unique colour.

So if you are confused, let us make it clear to you. For example, if you want to buy diamonds for your grillz, you can get diamonds of 1 carat ( usually used for grillz) for $2,000. With these diamonds, you can cover one tooth.

If you raise your budget, you will get a variety of diamonds of various colours, colours and shapes. Primarily there are three types of diamonds available based on quality.

SI Diamond

These types of diamonds have small inclusions that are noticeable upon 10x magnification. These are usually less expensive diamonds. The price of 1-carat SI diamonds is from $4,000 to $5,500. These prices usually vary because of the G-I colour and its roundness.


These are the diamonds which have very small inclusions like almost zero. You can call this a near-perfect diamond. These are the most popular ones among Diamond Grillz users. You can decorate your grillz for only around $3,000 per carat.

VVS Diamond

You can tell that these are flawless diamonds. You can’t find any problems with these diamonds. Grillz made with these diamonds have the ability to break the bank. It costs almost double than SI diamonds.

There is also a cheap option for Diamond Grillz which is lab-grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Grillz

These diamonds are made in a lab with special equipment and technology. Though the cost of growing diamonds then mining the price of diamonds is very cheap. 1 carat of lab-grown diamonds costs only around 1600$. Which is nearly half of the price of mined diamonds. So the cost of your diamond grillz will be significantly lower if you use them. But these diamonds grillz not have a resale value.


It is one of the fanciest choices when it comes to Diamond Grillz. It costs 20-40% less compared to naturally-colored diamonds. An artificially 1-ct blue diamond can cost on average up to $8,500 per carat. With these diamonds, you can decorate your grillz in any colour you want.


Lastly, diamond grillz are a luxury, and you can spend as much money as you want on them. So it’s up to you to decide how much your diamond grillz will cost.

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