Can You Get Grillz With Crooked Teeth?

A crooked tooth is a common problem for many of us. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, approximately 30% of people have crooked teeth problems. So if you are one of them and want to make a grillz for yourself, this article will help you. In this article, I will cover some common questions like do grillz fit crooked teeth, or if you have crooked teeth, can you have grillz?

Can You Customize Your Grillz To Fit Over Crooked Teeth?

The answer is yes. You can customize your grillz to fit over Crooked teeth. But it depends on the severity of your crooked teeth and the specific design of the grillz. If you have slightly crooked teeth, you can easily customize your grillz to fit your teeth properly. Most grillz are made with a tiny gap to accommodate slightly crooked teeth. But if you have crooked teeth, it is challenging to customize grillz according to your teeth.

In most cases, grillz won’t fit properly if you have crooked teeth. As a result, grillz can cause irritation or damage to your teeth. So if you have crooked teeth and want to wear grillz, you must take precautions. First, you need to go to a doctor for a proper dental check-up and take their suggestions on whether you can wear grillz. Second, you need to go to a professional and reputable grillz maker because not every grillz maker can make grillz that fit over crooked teeth.

Do twisted Teeth Affect The Fit And Appearance Of Grillz?

Yes, in some cases, crooked teeth affect the fit and appearance of grillz. Grillz are made for straight teeth, so you may face fitting issues if you have crooked teeth. There is a high chance that grillz will not sit evenly over your teeth. Grillz on crooked teeth are more prone to shifting or falling out. Not only this, crooked teeth will affect the overall aesthetic of the grillz. The appearance of grillz depends on the crookedness of your teeth.

Is It A Good Idea To Straighten bent Teeth Before Wearing Grillz?

Yes, it’s an excellent idea to straighten your crooked teeth before wearing grillz. Because the best fit and appearance of a grillz comes with straight teeth, you can straighten your teeth with braces or clear aligners. I highly recommend this kind of treatment after consulting with a doctor. If you straighten your teeth before wearing grillz, it will result in a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Risks Of Getting Grillz With Crooked Teeth

There are some risk factors of wearing grillz with crooked teeth. First of all, most of the time, grillz don’t fit properly on Crooked teeth. So it can create oral problems. Also, crooked grillz are very hard to clean and can develop germs quickly. As a result, you will face dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Is It A Good Idea?

You can cover your crooked teeth with grillz. But there are some issues you need to consider before doing that. Hiding crooked teeth with grillz is not the best long-term solution for achieving a healthy, straight smile. Grillz can give a uniform appearance over crooked teeth. But the fact is that it will not straighten the teeth or address any underlying dental issues. If your grillz isn’t properly fitted, it will cause damage to the teeth underneath.


Like every other thing, wearing grillz with crooked teeth has pros and cons. So if you want to wear grillz despite crooked teeth, you must consult a doctor first. If the doctor suggests you wear grillz, you can go for it; otherwise, wearing grillz with crooked teeth is a red flag.

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