How Do Grillz Stay On Your Teeth?

People will often ask you how do Grillz stay on your teeth if you have them. The way a shock covers a foot, Grillz covers teeth. Most of the time, the grillz goes right on top of your natural teeth. When you slide grillz over your natural teeth, they will grip your teeth from the front and back. grillz stays on your teeth by putting pressure on the sides of your teeth. Most of the time, grillz slides right on top of the real teeth without any trouble. But if you want to know how grillz hold on your teeth properly you have to know how to put them on your teeth. so let’s know about it 

How To Fit Grillz On Your Teeth? 

There are a few steps of fitting grillz on your teeth. The steps are 

  • Your grillz should curve the same way as your teeth. Next, gently bend the hooks on the bottom back side of the grillz outwards a little. 
  • Now, you have to put the moulding bar inside the grillz where your teeth would go. 
  • You were probably wondering what that little white wax thing was. Here’s where it starts to get a little tricky, so be careful. You have to get some hot water that is almost boiling but not quite boiling and put it in a cup, bowl, or something else safe. I’m talking about 165 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit hot water. 
  • You need to use clean tweezers to put the grillz and bars in the hot water. do not, I repeat, do not use boiling water. Leave the grillz in the water for a couple of minutes, until the fix and bar turn clear. 
  • Then, take the grills out of the water with the tweezers and shake off the water carefully. I’ll say it again: don’t use your hands. Now it’s time to put the grillz on your teeth. Then push them slowly and gently into place. Once they’re on your teeth, leave them there for a few minutes so the bar can harden. 

Bottom Line

So that’s how one needs to fit their grillz. If you follow the steps properly your grillz will set on your teeth and they will stay on your teeth. If you make any fault in fitting there is a high chance that your grillz will come out from your mouth. So just try to follow our instructions to make your grillz stay in your mouth. 

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