How To Fix Bent Gold Grillz

In recent years, gold grillz has risen in popularity, particularly among hip-hop and rap enthusiasts. However, it’s a new type of jewelry, so people can quickly need clarification when it comes to its maintenance and care. 

One of the most common problems of Grillz is that it can bend easily. In this article, I will inform you about how to fix bent gold Grillz. So without further due, let’s see the process. 

Common Causes Of Bent Gold Grillz

One of the most common ways that gold grillz get bent is when they are dropped. And it is the most common issue for any jewelry. Although grillz is a new type of jewelry, most of us need to learn how to store this. As a result, most of us keep our grillz in a proper way. If you don’t store your gold Grillz right, like leaving them loose in a bag or box, they can bend or twist. 

Everything gets weakened after using that for an extended period of time. Gold grillz can also wear down over time just from being used. Also, a long time of Biting and chewing on the metal all the time can make it weaker and more likely to bend or break. 

One of the most underrated issues of bent grillz is its poor build quality. If your gold Grillz are made of cheap metal or were not put together well, they may bend or break more easily. Lastly, If gold Grillz doesn’t fit the teeth right, they can change shape over time as the teeth move and shift. 

Materials Needed To Fix Bent Grillz 

  1. Needle-nose pliers
  2. Heat Source {lighter, torch} 
  3. Protective Gloves
  4. Soft Cloth
  5. Gold Polishing Cloth

Repairing Process of Bent Gold Grillz

First of all, you need to heat up the bent grillz where it has bent. Because heating up metal makes it soft and flexible, and this flexibility is required for any repair work.

After heating, you need to pull the bent part. Using pliers, you can bend the metal back into place without doing any more harm. 

Wearing gloves will keep your hands safe and keep any oils from your skin from getting onto the grillz. You will need to have a soft cloth or this type of material. Because during the repair work, you need to put the grillz on soft things to avoid scratches.

Lastly, the grillz can get dull because of the heat and pulling process. It would help if you polished the grillz before handing it to your client or before wearing it. In this case, you can use a gold polishing brush to make the grillz shine and look good again.

Precautions To Avoid Bending Grillz 

  1. Use grillzs carefully and try not to drop them. 
  2. Use a proper jewelry box for your grillz. 
  3. Always try to wear grillz which fit you properly. 
  4. Avoid chewing or eating hard things. 
  5. Do not make your grillz with cheap metals. 


It’s easy to fix a gold grillz that has been bent. It is important to Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials before you begin adjusting your bent gold grillz. If you have the right tool, it’s easy to fix a bent grillz. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable, get expert help.

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