Trending Gold Teeth Shapes That Will Make You Stand Out

Gold teeth or grillz are found in various spades and designs. The shape of the excellent tooth or grillz depends on personal preference and cultural influences. In spite of having so many shapes and designs, there are some shapes that are common.

Most people usually prefer these shapes. The most common forms of gold teeth are l-shape gold teeth, U-shaped gold teeth, and star gold teeth. These shapes are trendy among celebrities. As a result, people tend to buy gold teeth of these three shapes. So let’s take a look at these shapes of gold teeth.

L Shape Gold Teeth

This type of gold tooth is shaped like l fitted to cover a corner of a tooth. People usually use this type of gold tooth for cosmetic purposes. The specialty of this tooth is that it creates the appearance of a small gold triangle on the side of a tooth.

So it will give a unique addition to people’s smiles. These shapes of gold teeth are pretty small. As a result, they are cheap because they contain a small amount of gold or other precious metals. These teeth are popular among hip-hop artists and fans.

U Shape Gold Teeth

U-shaped teeth are similar to l-shaped, but there are some differences between them. U shape does not cover the side of a tooth. It covers the front surface of one or multiple teeth. The U-shaped tooth needs more materials than the shape, so it is cooperatively costly. The cost will depend on your customization and the number of teeth. People often use diamonds or other precious stones on their u-shaped gold teeth.

StarGold Tooth

This is the most famous shape of a gold tooth. Usually, the most common design of the Star gold tooth is a small, five-pointed star. People typically stick these on the surface of their teeth. They are usually pretty tiny, and you can buy one of these for only 30$. People usually use diamonds to cover the star and make it look shiny, like a real star.

Celebrities and musicians wear multiple of these gold teeth to give their smiles a unique look. It’s a hot product in the gold tooth market. So you can easily find these in many online stores or physical shops. Because of its popularity, shops are offering substantial customization options and designs on this shape.


Various types of gold teeth will give you multiple types of looks. So it’s up to you to select which style will suit you. I suggest that you go to a dentist and consult with them before buying a gold tooth.

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