How Old Do You Have To Be Get Grillz?

Grillz is a jewelry item and now becoming one of the most common types of jewelry among celebrities. So there is no complex law for grillz. As a result, you can wear grillz no matter what your age is.

But there is something you need to consider before wearing grillz according to your age. So let’s see what will suit you according to your age.

Guide To Grillz For Kids: Age 0 to 15

If you are in o to 15 age range, you are the youngest wearing grillz. If you are a parent and want to make grillz for your kinds, first you need to know about teeth development.

This age is usually the development age for teeth. At this age, gums and teeth grow rapidly and begin to fall out, and new teeth grow in this age.

So wearing a permanent grillz is not recommended. Because it will interrupt the tooth fallout process and hinder the new teeth, in this stage, wearing a permanent grillz can damage the gum seriously.

But if you want, you can get a removable grillz. But keep in mind at this stage, teeth grow. So your grillz will not fit you after a few months or years. So as a parent or an individual, you need to make the grillz with relatively non-costly materials to avoid loss.

Many types of temporary toy grillz or cheap grillzs are available in the market. If you want, you can also purchase grillz for children on amazon.

Right Time For Grillz: Age Range 16 to 40

Congratulations, you are young, strong, and bold if you belong in this age range. You can do almost whatever you want. So when it comes to grillz you can wear any grillz. In this stage, your teeth are fully grown.

So you can make permanent grillz according to your teeth. And the fact is, at this stage, your teeth will stop growing, and you can wear grillz for many years. But mostly, at around 21 years old, third molars (wisdom teeth) usually appear.

So if you plan to make grillz for all of your teeth, you must wait until your third molars (wisdom teeth).

I will suggest you wear grillz of mouth-friendly metals. Before getting them, it’s crucial to speak with a qualified dentist and weigh the risks and regulations that may apply. Removable grillzs are the best option in your 20s.

In their 30s, people get tooth decay and other mouth issues which can lead to a permanent loss of teeth. So for hiding the removed teeth, you can go for the permanent grillz.

Can Use Grillz After The 40s?

At this stage, people start to face some problems with their teeth. Some common of them are

  • Tooth Decay.
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tooth Loss
  • Oral Cancer

So if you want to get grillz at this age, you need to focus on any problem you have or are starting to have first. Receding gums is one of the most common dental problems of people at this age. If you wear grillz from an early age, you will face problems after your 40s because of Receding gums.

There will be small gaps between your grillz and gums, causing a trap for food. It can lead to severe gum disease and tooth decay. At this age, you need to consult your doctor before wearing a grillz.

I suggest you treat any problem you have in your mouth before wearing grillz. If you are 75+, then it is expected that you will lose almost all of your teeth due to old age.

So, in this case, you can not wear grillz. But you make a set of fake teeth and decorate them with grillz if you are madly in love with the looks of grillz.


Although there is no set age limit for getting grillz, I suggest you speak with a qualified dentist and weigh the risks and legalities before getting grillz.

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