Mystery of Lil Wayne’s Teeth: What You Need to Know

Grillz are an untouchable part of hip hop culture. If you are a fan of hip hop culture you will definitely know one of the most famous hip hop artists  Lil Wayne. Recently he got famous for his diamond teeth. His teeths are the new talk of the town. If you are fascinated by the way  Lil Wayne teeth look and you want to know more about that, I hope this article will help you. 

What Happened To Lil Wayne Teeth?

Lil Wayne’s body is a museum of arts. His body is full of tattoos and he wears many eye-catching jewelry. In hip hop culture he is one the most followed style icons. His recent style was his diamond teeths. His fans are going crazy after his diamond teeth. So from the recent news  we have learned that he has implanted diamonds in his teeth. He has undergone a dental surgery to permanently implant diamonds in his teeth. 

Are Lil Wayne’s Teeth Dental Implants Or A Grill?

If you want to know the answer to this first you need to know about the difference between implants and grillz. Usually there are two types of grillz removable and permanent. Usually people call the removal grillz as grillz and the permanent ones as implants. In a talk show  Lil Wayne confirms that his shiny diamond teeth are not removable, they are permanent. So from this we are sure that he has done a permanent implant on his teeth with lots of shiny diamonds. 

How Did Lil Wayne Get His Teeth Done?

If you want to know how Lil Wayne got his teeth done you need to know about Johnny Dang. he is the most famous and successful grillz maker in the industry. He is a Vietnamese immigrant who is a very important figure in this custom grillz business. Most of the famous hip hop artists made thor grillz from him. He is the person who is the craftsman of  the permanent  diamond teeth of Lil Wayne. From his experience and extraordinary work he made the teeth of the hip hop artist  shiny. 

How Much Lil Wayne’s Teeth Are Worth

We all know how a used tissue from an actor or celebrity can cost millions of dollars among his or her fan followers. So to keep this reputation celebrities tend to wear or use exceptional and price worthy items. Especially when it comes to fashion or style hip hop artists are well known to spend a whole lot of fortune on them. Lil Wayne is also in the same ship of spending a lot on his jewelry. So from the news and media we have learned that his diamond grillz cost him around 150000$. Not only this, some source says that that’s only the price of the diamonds. The implantation charge of Johnny Dong isn’t included in this.  

What Lil Wayne Has Said About His Teeth

People ask him about his grillz all the time. And we also have heard him talking about his grilz in many talk shows and events. Most of the time he says that his grillz are different from other hip hop artists. His grillz wont come out and he will die with this grillz. He also tells them that these are his teeth and he can go to the dentist and switch them out but that will be a surgery. 


If you are fascinated by the way your favorite hip hop artist looks with grillz here is a reminder for you. Lil Wayne recently got his diamond teeth removed. It took him 8 root canal and a surgery. So be careful and think twice before making such kind off decision.

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